Amor Vincit Omnia means Love Conquers All. In
this fast-paced espionage thriller, Andrew Valquist
begins his work at the NSA, only to learn that his
background in Latin hurls him into an unexpected

(If you're wondering, what's love got to do with it?
The answer is, everything.)

Dr. Valquist's still in orientation. A new employee
should not be sent on an overseas adventure on his
second day of employment!

Something big is going on. Dr. Valquist races across
continents to discover the secret behind a plot to
destroy civilization as we know it.

He was hired at the agency for his Arabic language
skills. But now Latin and a knowledge of ancient
history and culture are the key to stopping a
shadowy group bent on unleashing chaos. Will he
and his team solve the riddle in time to prevent this
Amor Vincit Omnia: an
Andrew Valquist Adventure
by Keith Massey
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Amor Vincit Omnia:
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5 Star Amazon Review from Sue:

"I am hoping this Andrew Valquist Adventure "Amor Vincit Omnia" is one
of many. It is an interesting and exciting read; the kind of book you can't put
down but then you are sorry when you get to the last page and you crave
more. I hope Keith Massey has another Valquist Adventure in the works. I'm
looking forward to reading it."

5 Star Amazon Review from T. Holmstrom:

"Solidly likeable protagonist with good supporting cast of characters. Quick
but thoroughly enjoyable read; will read more related books, I think!"