A Place of Brightness follows a
Romanian-American family from the time of
Communist Romania down to present-day points
across the globe.  Amidst a gathering storm of
dangers and intrigue, they face the pains of their
deep losses and celebrate the survival of love.

Stefan and Andrew Valquist had a strange
childhood. Their mother, who claimed to have
fought as an anti-Communist insurgent back in
Romania, taught them everything she knew before
her death.

Now grown up and working as an Orthodox priest
and a soldier, the brothers' world is shaken when
they receive a message from an uncle they believed
had been killed decades earlier.

A trip back to their mother's homeland thrusts
them into danger when they narrowly avoid death
at the hands of mysterious assassins. Now they race
against time to stop an imminent attack on their
ancestral home.
A Place of Brightness:
A Novel by Keith Massey
A Place of Brightness
by Keith Massey
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5 Star Amazon Review from Lori:

"Such a wonderful book! I finished it in a day because I just couldn't put it

5 Star Amazon Review from Warren:

"Top story - in the top five I've read."

5 Star Amazon Review from Melinda:

"I also loved how well the book combined high-suspense spy-thriller action
with human drama. Every plot twist (and there were many) had human
implications. In the end, the people were the plot as much as the action was.

I highly recommend this book, but be prepared to stay up late to finish it!"