John Valquist needs to learn Spanish. But he's in
luck, since his uncle Andrew is a language expert
and former spy.

Next Stop: Spanish, you have the chance to see
and study the words John studies, and then watch
him add more and more Spanish into his dialogue
as the story progresses.

In the dramatic conclusion, John will need to put
together everything he has learned to save his

The unique combination of an exciting story along
with language learning will engage the reader and
be a fun way to start speaking this important

The author includes in the book the same set of
basic and important vocabulary words that he has
used to successfully master a number of
languages, including Spanish and Arabic.
Next Stop: Spanish
by Keith Massey
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Next Stop: Spanish
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Next Stop Spanish

5 Star Amazon Review from Yi:

"This book is entertaining yet contains lots of educational value. It vividly
shows how one needs to be brave and use what little he/she knows to get
started on speaking in a foreign language. I cannot attest to the fact that you
will actually learn the Spanish words introduced in the book by the time you
are done reading it. But I can assure you they are really needed in everyday

5 Star Amazon Review from L.M. Gil:

"It's not often that a book can be both entertaining and educational,
especially for second language learners. Most books that teach second
languages fall into the category of 'textbook' and present the language with a
focus on grammar explanations and exercises. Meanwhile, fiction tends to
hover on the other side of the spectrum, providing entertainment with little,
if any, explicit second language instruction.
Next Stop Spanish offers both
an enjoyable reading experience and a chance to become familiar with a
new language."